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Electric energy vacuum boiler

lt is widely used in heating,sanitary hot water,heating and air conditioning industries.  lts characteristics are stable operation,convenient installation and use,stable operation,low operating costand long life.
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Operational savings

lt is widely used in heating,sanitary hot water,heating and air conditioning industries.  lts characteristics are stable operation,convenient installation and use,stable operation,low operating costand long life.

Structural features and technical advantages

The lower half of the electic vacum hot water boilr is a water charmber. A stainless steel heating tube is intalled on the well f the water chamber, The electic heating tuhe convers electrical energy into hea . The upper hali is a sleam space in which a row of stainless steel tubes is inserted.Tube heat exchanger. As the whole boier is under negative pressue, it is absoutely safe. The heat medunm in the furnace dos not entr,exit. increase, or decrease during the entire operaton of the boiler t is only enclosed in the vacum charmber of the boler and transfers heat between the heat rantfer tube of he boier and the heat exchanger.The heat medium in the furnace is pure water with complete deoxidation,no corrosion and no scale.


The internal absolute pressure of the electric vacuum hot water boiler during operation is 0.02~0.065Mpa,which is lower than the atmospheric pressure,that is, the unit is in a vacuum state,so it will not explode. At the same time, the upper low-pressure steam space is equipped with a mechanical explosion-proof device to protect the electrical appliances. lf all the measures fail, there will be no danger due to boiler overpressure.

Environmental protection

Since the electric heating tube is used to heat the feed water,electric energy is directly converted into heat energy,and there is no need to use combustion to convert chemical energy into heat energy, no harmful gas and fly ash are emitted, and no ash is generated,which fully meets the requirements of environmental protection.

High efficient

The electric heating tube of the electric vacuum hot water boiler is completely surrounded by the heating medium water,which can better absorb the heat emitted by the heating tube. At the same time,the aluminum silicate needle blanket is used for the furnace body insulation on the outside of the boiler, which greatly reduces the boiler heat loss. In order to improve the thermal efficiency, the overall thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%.


This series of boilers are compact in structure,easy to install and transport. The boiler is installed on a solid base, and the boiler can be hoisted and placed as a whole.At the same time, there is a ladder on the side for easy installation of other auxiliary equipment; the upper heat exchanger adopts stainless steel straight The water chambers on both sides of the pipe can be opened at the same time to clean and repair the stainless steel pipe.

Long service life

Since the inside of the vacuum boiler is an airtight whole, and during operation,the oxygen in the intermediate water is separated out and discharged out of the furnace.There will be no oxygen corrosion in the furnace for a long time.A small amount of heat medium water and a limited amount of calcium are added at one time. Magnesium ion does not increase or decrease during operation,so no scaling occurs inside the boiler,which increases the service life of the boiler,which is 1.5 to 2 times the service life of the general boiler. The heat exchanger part is made of stainless steel tube,which is corrosion resistant and has a designed service life of more than 20 years.

Accurate control

The vacuum hot water boiler uses PLC programmable controller. The controller can automatically adjust and operate according to external load changes.The hot water temperature can be set freely between 20 and 85 ℃.After setting,the unit can automatically adjust the temperature to ensure constant temperature. . At the same time, the controller can also automatically detect the faults in the burner and the furnace body,and send out sound and light alarms.


One unit can be equipped with multiple heat exchangers to supply hot water of different temperatures and purposes,such as central air conditioning water,sanitary hot water,process hot water,etc. The company follows the principle of 'maximum energy configuration’ to ensure that each heat exchanger can achieve the maximum heat supply when heating separately, so that users can obtain the best results with minimal investment.

Technical characteristics and parameter table of Electric energy vacuum boiler

Project/Type Z1-WDR*-1.25/70/50
0.35 0.48 0.7 0.96 1.05 1.4 1.75
Rated thermal power MW 0.35 0.48 0.7 0.96 1.05 1.4 1.75
Supply/retum water temperature 70/50 70/50 70/50 70/50 70/50 70/50 70/50
pressure of heat exchanger MPa 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25
Thermal efficiency % 98.8 98.8 98.8 98.8 98.8 98.8 98.8
Heat exchange area of exchanger 10.5 12.3 13.7 18.6 20.3 30.8 39.8
Heating tube power KW 60 60 60 60 60 60 60
Numbert of heating tubes   6 8 12 16 18 24 30
Power consumption KW 360 480 720 960 1080 1440 1800
lnlet pipe mm 80 80 100 125 125 125 150
Safety valve tube mm 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Sewage pipe mm 40 40 40 40 40 40 40
Safety valve tube 201 2.3 2.3 2.3 3.4 3.4 3.4
Sewage pipe t 2 2.1 2.6 3 4.1 4.9 4.6
Shape Size Long mm 2800 2800 3100 3200 3200 3200 4190
  mm 1465 1465 1460 1460 1665 1665 1765
High mm 2250 2250 2300 2450 2700 2710 2800
Base Size Long mm 2700 2700 3000 3200 3000 3000 3690
  mm 1300 1300 1300 1300 1500 1500 1600


Electric energy vacuum boiler
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