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WNS series condensing low nitrogen gas (oil) steam boiler


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WNS series condensing low nitrogen gas (oil) steam boiler

Conden gas-steam boiler is a wok shell type with three backflow downstream pyrotechnical tube structure.The flame burns under micro-positive pressure in the corrugated furnace with high combustion thermal efficiency.
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Characteristic Recommendation:

1.The structure of the condensing steam boiler is different from the common steam boiler and is additionally provided with condensing heat exchange and the air pre-heater.

2.The burner adopts a separated burner and the air used for combustion is pre-heater.

3.The condensing heat exchange adopts the stainless steel extended surface tube,thus enhancing heat transfer.

4.The imported low –NOX burner with excellent quality is selected. Which can burn sufficiently and belongs to an environmental-friendly product.

5.The boiler adopts the advanced touch screen computer controller and the digital computer controller for full-auto control.

6.The boiler has the function of automatically adjusting the steam pressure and the water level, automatically ignites, and has the functions of deaquation, pressure excursion and flame-out protection.

7.The boiler is manufactured canonically and strictly according to the relevant national standard.

8.The boiler is entirely delivered,and has beautifu appearance and vivid color.

9.All kinds of industry boiler.

The apparent advantages of the condensing boiler:

1.The hot tube or fin smoke tube type air pre-heater,and the fin condensing heat exchanger are used,thus effectively reducing the exhaust smoke temperature

2.The separate burner is used to carry out pre-heating on the air needed for the combustion of the fuels to be sufficiently burnt and improve the temperature of the hearth.

3.In order to prevent the ocid corrosion of thecondensing water of the exhaust smoke ,the condersing energy saver adopts the extended surface tube manufactured by imported stainless steel material,Compared with the straight tube ,its heat conductivility is improved by more than two times than that of the straight tube.

4.The harmful gases in the smoke gas are effectively controlled and flow into the neutralization pond together with the condensing liquid.

In sum,the condensing boiler is the crystal of the sciences like heat transfer theory,physics,combustion,materials, is lording over the traditional boilers with its absolute economical efficiency.The popularization of the condensing boiler is an transformation on thought and conception of the condensing boiler is an transformation on thought and conception,Meanwhile,it will inevitably promote the development on the field of heat engineering.

Characteristics of the hot tube type air pre-heater:

1.The thermal conductivity of the hot tube is higher by 500-1000times than that of the copper-aluminum tubes,The air pre-heater manufactured by the hot tube is smaller by two thirds both on size and weight than that of the traditional tube-shell air pre-heater,can be assembled and set in the front surface of the boiler, and occupies less space..

2.Radical aluminum plates with excellently good thermal conductivity are adhered on thesurfuce of the tube to obtain larger heat-transfer area under the situation of small size.

3.The temperatures of the vaporizing part and the condensing part of the hot tube are uniform:the amount of expansion and contraction is very can be ,as it were ,a device with long service life.

Characteristics of condensing after-heat recyling energy saver:

1.In order to prevent the acid corrosion of the condensation of the exhaust smoke and supply rustless clean hot water,this energy saver is manufactured by the stainless steel spiral extended surface tube.

2.Compared with the straight tube,the spiral extend surface tube the thermal conductivity of which is higer by more than 2 times is usded:while the size and the weight are reduced by one second,The corrosion-resistant stainless steel material prolongs its service life.

3.The energy saver can be assembled on the upper part of the boiler to reduce the occupied space:and the condensing water generated on the heat-transfer surface can also be naturally discharged.

Application scope:

Application in chemical engineer,lipin,petrifaction,plastic pasterm,weaving,fiber,carbonelements,atomicenergy industry,papermakingprinting ,timber,metal,metal,outomobile,construction,cement,electric,air conditioning and other area.

Eifficiency Analysis:

The smoke gas condensing recyling device uses the water or air with lower temperatyre to cool the smoke gas and realize to reduce the temperature of the smoke gas, condense the steam in the smoke gas in the area near the heat-transfer surface and simultaneously realize to release the sensible heat of the smoke gas and the latent heat of condensation of the steam:while the water or air in the heat exchanger is heated by absorbing heat,thus realizing to recycle the heatand improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

In the traditional boiler,the exhaust smoke temperature of the steam boiler is commonly between 220and 250℃: the steam in the smoke gas is stillunder the overheating state, and can not be condensed into liquid water to discharge the latent heat of vaporization;it is well known that the thermal efficiency of the boiler is calculated and abtained according to the low-position calorific value of the fuels,and the thermal loss of the latent heat of vaporization in the high position calorific value of the fuels is not considered;therefore, the exhaust smoke temperature is traditionally reduced around 70℃(the inlet temperature of the circulating water is 20℃).thus recycling the sensible heat of the smoke gas and the latent heat of condensation of the steam.

Technical parameters
Item/model MODEL  
WNS(LN)1- WNS(LN)2- WNS(LN)3- WNS(LN)4- WNS(LN)6- WNS(LN)8- WNS(LN)10-
0.7-Q 1.0-Q 1.0-Q 1.25-Q 1.0-Q 1.25-Q 1.0-Q 1.25-Q 1.25-Q 1.6-Q 1.25-Q 1.6-Q 1.25-Q 1.6-Q
Reted   heat Kg/h 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000 10000
Working  Pressure Mpa 0.7/1.0/1.25
Working   temperature 171/185/193
Thermal  efficiency % 95-100
Water  capacity L 104
Steam  outlet DN 50 65 80 100 125 150 150
Inlet DN 25 40 40 65 65 65 65
Sewage   Valve DN 40 50 50 50 50 50 50
Safety   Valve DN 40X2 40X2 40X2 50x2 65X2 65X2 2x80
Power  consumption kw/h 5.5 7.5 15 22 22 30 37
Chimney mm 280 400 500 550 700 800 900
Dimensions Length mm 3152 3767 4092 4495 5203 7120 8240
Width mm 1668 1788 2044 2287 2424 2770 3110
  mm 2760 3355 3500 3600 4380 4070 4270
Transport Weight kg 5000/5600 6800/7500 9900/10800 11200/12500 18700/19500 22000/23500 28000/30500
Fuel Consumption Light oil kg/h 61.3 122.6 184 245.3 367.9 480.5 613.2
L.N.G Nm³/h 72.8 145.5 218.3 291.1 436.6 582.2 727.7
C.G Nm³/h 154.6 309.3 463.9  618.6 927.8 1237.1 1546.4

Remark:1、Natural gas calorific value:8500kcal/Nm³,Light oil calorific value:10300kcal/Nm³,Urban gas calorific value:4000kcal/Nm³

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